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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management SystemISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management System

Quality Policy

CERTY CEQ SRL, aware that the "Certification of Management Systems " has taken decisive importance in order to ensure the ability of an organization to the full satisfaction of requirements required by customer and by binding regulations. CERTY CEQ SRL and its staff are established as Quality Policy the achieving and continuous improvement of the following objectives .

- Customer Satisfaction : developing and consolidating a relationship of mutual exchange of information with organizations who voluntarily chose  CERTY CEQ SRL  for their Certification , in order to provide them with an adequate management tool about Professionalism and Technology

- Promotion and Dissemination of the Certified Management culture as a qualifying element for the Organizations in order to guarantee their ability to correctly interpret the requirements, to manage  the needs of its customers consistently and punctually.

- Motivation for Excellence: Through a constant monitoring , updating and continuous improvement of a Management System  in accordance with the requirements of UNI CEI EN 17021 , and through a timely quality and professionalism updating of all employees (internal and external).

The effective achievement of these objectives is ensured in a planned and systematic way by the Quality Management Manual and by the Operating Procedures who representing the operational tools for a quality management in all organizational levels .

In addition, CERTY CEQ aware that the confidence of the market for certifications is based on the absence of conflicts of interest , objectivity , competence, transparency and impartiality of certification to all stakeholders , CERTY CEQ has made a commitment to respond to these fundamental requests through a Quality Policy for fairness which is periodically submitted for the approval of the Guarantee Committee, an outside body composed by representatives of associations of category , consumer groups, organizations, etc. 

CERTY CEQ therefore undertakes to ensure at all times the management of:

Conflicts of interest, through :

Preparation of document about analysis of possible threats to impartiality ;

Preparation of a Ethic Code, undertakings of confidentiality and absence of conflict of interest submitted by all parties .

Establishment of a Guarantee Committee in order to safeguards and to guarantee the impartiality of all the behaviors assumed by CERTY CEQ at any time ;


Objectivity and competence, through :

Availability  of auditors and technical experts qualified and with high technical skills ;

Allocation of qualified internal staff, periodically updated on the reference standards and competent on the application of certification procedures ;

Equipment of a technical body for decision made by staff and experts highly competent  .


Transparency and impartiality, through :

Preparation of a tariff submitted to the approval of the Guarantee Committee to be applied in a non-discriminating against  customers.

Management of appeals and complaints implemented by personnel not involved in the process of certification relating to the specific complaint or appeal and under the supervision of the Guarantee Committee.

Confidentiality of all information acquired from customers through the signing of undertakings of confidentiality of staff and all employees.


The Chief Executive

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